Busbar machine production line technical exchange seminar was held in Shandong Gaoji

On February 28, the busbar equipment production line technical exchange seminar was held in the large conference room on the first floor of Shandong Gaoji as scheduled. The meeting was presided over by Engineer Liu from Shandong Gaoji Industrial Machinery Co., LTD.



As the keynote speaker, Engineer Liu presided over and explained the contents of the bus project

At the meeting, the technical experts from the busbar industry had an in-depth exchange on the key contents of the project, for the key and difficult problems in the project, the experts and the engineers of Shandong high Machine repeatedly discussed and exchanged views. In view of the problems that may be reflected in the drawings, we also exchanged their own solutions.



Through the exchange and discussion of this conference, the engineers have gained a lot. We have a better understanding of the real advantages and possible problems in the current project, and also see the direction we should move forward next. Shandong High Machine will take the results of this meeting as the cornerstone to further develop itself, based on its own situation, cultivate a good business backbone, and continue to explore and advance in the busbar processing equipment industry.

Post time: Mar-04-2024