Final completion acceptance of NEW busbar warehouse–Our first step of Industry 4.0

busbar warehouse

As the world technology and equipment manufacture industry developing every day, for every company, Industry 4.0 become more important day by day. Every member of the whole industrial chain needs to both face the requirements and address them.

Shandong Gaoji industry company as a member of energy field, have accept many advice from our customer about Industry 4.0. and some key project progress plans have been made.


As our first step of Industry 4.0, we started the Intelligent busbar processing line project early last year. As one of the key equipment, the fully-automatic busbar warehouse has finished the manufacture and preliminary trail operation, the final completion acceptance was accomplished the day before yesterday.















The intelligent busbar processing line focus on highly automatic busbar processing, data collection and full-time feedback. For this purpose, the automatic busbar warehouse adopts siemens servo system with MAX manage system. With the siemens servo system, the warehouse could accomplish every movement of the input or the output process precisely. While the MAX system will connect the warehouse with other equipment of the processing line and manage every step of the whole process.

Next week another key equipment of the processing line will accomplish final completion acceptance, please follow us to see more information.

Post time: Nov-19-2021