Project Poland, special designed for urgent need

In the last two years, extreme weathers cause a series of serious energy issues, also remind the world the importance of a secure and reliable electricity network and we need to upgrade our electricity network right now.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic also causes a significant negative impact on supply chains, field service, transportation, etc, and disrupted many industries around the world, as well as our customers, we want to do our bit to ensure customer’s production schedule.

So in the past 3 months, we developed the special customer ordered processing line for our Poland customer. 无标题-1

The traditional type adopts a split structure, the main and vice support need to be connected by an experienced engineer during field installation. while this time the customer order machine we make the vice support part much shorter, so the length of the machine reduce from 7.6m to 6.2m, make the integral structure possible. and with 2 feeding worktables, the feeding process will be as smooth as ever.



The second change of the machine is about the electrical components, compare with the traditional connecting terminal, this processing line adopts the revos connector, maximum simplify the installation process.

And last but not least, we strengthen the control software, add more built-in modules and make sure we can provide more real-time support than before.





Customer order machines for Poland Project

These changes simplify the whole installation process and make sure instead of field installation the real-time instruction will ensure the daily operation of the machine, our customers could start installation and production as soon as they receive the processing line.


Vacuum  and specially reinforced packing


Post time: Sep-03-2021