Working overtime, just to fulfill the agreement with you

Entering March is a very meaningful month for the Chinese people. “March 15 Consumer Rights and Interests Day” is an important symbol of consumer protection in China, and it has a pivotal position in the hearts of the Chinese people.

In the mind of high machine people, March is also a very important month. After a winter of recuperation, March is the busiest time for Staff of Shandong Gaoji. Orders flooded in, urging them to produce as soon as possible. In order to ensure that the equipment can fully meet the needs of customers, strictly adhere to the bottom line of quality, every night since March, they are still busy in every corner of the high locomotive.2

In March, although it is spring, the temperature at night is still freezing. Some of them were the head of the house, whose wife and children were waiting for him to come home; There are parents, there are children at home who are expecting; Some are children, and there are parents at home who prepare meals for him to return. They all have their own roles in the family. And out of a sense of mission to the customer, in order to complete the commitment to the customer, they contributed their own time, even busy until midnight, early morning, without complaining.



In the workshop at night, the temperature is not high, but the enthusiasm of the Staff of Shandong Gaoji is not reduced. It is precisely because of this group of people, condensed love of work, just have the confidence of Shandonggaoji commitment to customers. It is love that makes everything powerful. Their every effort, Shandonggaoji see in the eyes.

Shandong Gaoji has been constantly exploring and moving forward on this road. And all our achievements today are inseparable from such a group of high machine people. It is also believed that with the joint efforts of such a group of loving and responsible partners, Shandonggao will continue to maintain the principle of “responsible for customers” and contribute to the busbar processing industry.

Post time: Mar-20-2024