Welcome to Shandong provincial government leaders to visit Shandong Gaoji Industrial Machinery Co., LTD

On the morning of March 14, 2024, Han Jun, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and secretary of the Party Group of Huaiyin District, visited our company, conducted field research on the workshop and production line, and carefully listened to the introduction of the company’s development history, production and operation, R&D and innovation, future development, brand creation, and production safety.


The general manager of the company accompanied the leaders to visit the workshop

The government leaders of Huaiyin District, accompanied by the person in charge of the company, visited the production workshop of our company, carried out a detailed on-site inspection of the production workshop, inquired about the work of the employees in detail, and understood the difficulties and problems existing in the production and operation of the company in detail.


Huaiyin district leaders to investigate in detail and understand the specific situation of the company


Huaiyin district leaders and company representatives exchange

Huaiyin District government leaders said that for the high-tech innovative enterprises of Shandong Gaoji, the government will give more policy support, and fully stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel for innovation; It is hoped that Gaoji will continue to strengthen its confidence in development, thoroughly implement the new development concept, base on its own advantages and momentum, persist in high-quality manufacturing, and promote the quality and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. At the same time, we also hope that high machine can become a benchmark enterprise in the industry and contribute to the development of power equipment manufacturing industry.


Huaiyin District Party committee leaders carefully listen to the company representative’s report and give guidance

Shandong Gaoji Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company established in 2002, specializing in the manufacturing and sales of bus processing equipment, committed to providing customers with high quality, reliable equipment products. The company has advanced production technology and technology, as well as an experienced R & D team, and constantly improve the innovation and competitiveness of products. The company mainly produces equipment products including but not limited to: CNC busbar punching and cutting machine, CNC busbar bending machine, multi-function bus punching and cutting machine. These products are widely used in machining, mold manufacturing and other industrial fields. The company’s products have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, good stability and convenient operation, and are well received by customers at home and abroad. As an enterprise focusing on scientific and technological innovation, Shandong Gaoji Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. continues to increase investment in research and development, and continues to introduce new products that meet market demand. The company has a perfect after-sales service system to provide customers with timely technical support and solutions. Whether it is the domestic market or the international market, we will be dedicated to provide customers with quality products and services, and work with customers to create a better future.

Post time: Mar-22-2024