CNC Busbar punching & shearing machine GJCNC-BP-50

Short Description:

Model: GJCNC-BP-50

Function: Busbar punching,  shearing, embossing.

Character: Automatic, high efficiently and accurately

Output force: 500 kn

Punching speed: 130 HPM

Material size: 15*200*6000 mm

Product Detail

Main Configuration

Product Details

GJCNC-BP-50 is a professional equipment designed to process busbar efficiently and accurately.

During processing this equipment could automatically replace the clamps, which is highly effective especially for long busbar. With those processing dies in the tool library, this equipment could process busbar by punching (round hole, oblong hole etc), embossing, shearing, grooving, cutting filleted corner and so on. The finished workpiece will be delivered by the conveyor.

This equipment can match with CNC bender and form busbar processing production line.

Main Character

GJ3D / programming software

GJ3D is a special aided design software of busbar processing. Which could auto program machine code, calculate every date in processing, and show you the simulation of  the whole process which will present the change of busbar step by step clearly. These characters made it convenient and powerful to avoid complicated manual coding with machine language. And it is able to demonstrate the whole process and effectively prevent material wast cause by incorrect input.

For years out company took the lead on apply 3D graphic technique to busbar processing industry. Now we can present to you the best cnc control and design software in Asian.

Human-computer interface

In order to present better operation experience and more useful information. The equipment has a 15” RMTP as human-computer interface. With this unit you can have clear information of the whole manufacture process or any alarm might happen and control the equipment by single hand.

If you need to modify the equipment’s setup information or basic die parameters. You can also input the date with this unit.

Mechanical Structures

Inorder to create a steady, effective, precision and long life time mechanical structure, we choose high accurate ball screw, precision linear guide by Taiwan HIWIN and servo system by YASKAWA plus our unique two clamp system. All these above create a transmission system as good as you need.

We develop auto-replace program in order to make the clamp system more effective especially for long busbar processing, and also could maximum reduce operator’s work. Create more value for our customer.

There are two types:

GJCNC-BP-50-8-2.0/SC   (Six punching, a shear, a pressing )

GJCNC-BP-50-8-2.0/C   (Eight punching, a shear )

You can choose you need models

Export Packing

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  • Main Technical Parameters

    Dimension (mm) 7500*2980*1900 Weight (kg) 7600 Certification CE  ISO
    Main Power (kw) 15.3 Input Voltage 380/220V Power Source Hydraulic
    Output Force (kn) 500 Punching Speed (hpm) 120 Control Axis 3
    Max Material Size (mm) 6000*200*15 Max Punching Dies 32mm (Thickness of material under 12mm)
    Location Speed(X axis) 48m/min Stroke of Punching Cylinder 45mm Positioning Repeatability ±0.20mm/m
    Max Stroke(mm) X AxisY AxisZ Axis 2000530350 AmountofDies PunchingShearingEmbossing 6/81/11/0  


    Control Parts Transmission Parts
    PLC OMRON Precision linear Guide Taiwan HIWIN
    Sensors Schneider electric Precision the ball screw (4th series) Taiwan HIWIN
    Control Button OMRON Ball screw support beaning Japanese NSK
    Touch Screen OMRON Hydraulic Parts
    Computer Lenovo High-pressure Electromagnetic Valve Italy
    AC Contactor ABB High pressure tubing Italy MANULI
    Circuit Breaker ABB High pressure pump Italy
    Servo Motor YASKAWA The control software and 3D support software GJ3D (3D support software designed all by our company)
    Servo Driver YASKAWA