CNC Busbar Arc processing center busbar milling machine GJCNC-BMA

Short Description:


Function: Automatic busbar ends Arc processing, process busbar ends with all kinds of fillet.

Character:  secure the stability of workpiece, rendering a better machining surface effect.

Milling Cutter size : 100 mm

Material size:

Wideness 30~140/200 mm

Min Length 100/280 mm

Thickness 3~15 mm

Product Detail

Main Configuration

Product Details

CNC busbar milling machine mainly functions in milling fillet and big fillet in the busbar. It automatically generates the program code and transmits the code to the equipment basing on the requirements on the busbar specification and the data input onto the display screen. It is easy to operate and can machine useful busbar arc with nice looking.


This machine is used to carry out sectional arc machining for busbar heads with the H≤3-15mm, w≤140mm and L≥280mm.

The bar head will be machined to the shape with fixed structure.

The clamps adopt automatic centering technology to press the pressing head better onto the force bearing point.

A booster is used on the pressing head to secure the stability of workpiece, rendering a better machining surface effect.

World standard BT40 tool holder is used for easy blade replacement, fine rigidity and high accuracy.

This machine adopts high-precision ball screws and linear guides. Heavy-load large-size guide rails have been selected to offer better rigidity of the entire machine, lower the vibration and noise, improve the quality of workpiece and ensure high accuracy and efficiency.

Using components of domestic and world famous brands, this machine is of long service life and can guarantee high quality.

The program used in this machine is the embedded automatic graphics programming software developed by our company, realizing the automation in programming. The operator does not have to understand various codes, nor does he/she have to know how to operate the traditional machining center. The operator just has to enter several parameters by referring to the graphics, and the equipment will generate automatically the machine codes. It takes shorter time than manual programming and eliminates the potential of code error caused by manual programming.

Busbar machined in this machine is of fine look, without point discharge, narrowing the cabinet size to save space and remarkably reducing the consumption of copper.

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  • Configuration

    Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Working Table Size (mm) Air Source (Mpa) Total Power (kw)
    2500*2000 3300 350*900 0.5~0.9 11.5

    Technical Parameters

    Moter Power (kw) 7.5 Servo Power (kw) 2*1.3 Max Torpue (N.m) 62
    Tool Holder Model BT40 Tool Diameter (mm) 100 Speed of Spindle (RPM) 1000
    Material Width (mm) 30~140  Min Material Length (mm) 110 Material Thickness (mm) 3~15
    X-Axis Stoke (mm) 250 Y-Axis Stoke (mm) 350 Quick Position Speed (mm/min) 1500
    Pitch of Ballscrew (mm) 10 Position Accuracy (mm) 0.03 Feeding Speed (mm/min) 1200
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