Multifunction busbar 3 in 1 processing machine BM603-S-3

Short Description:

Model: GJBM603-S-3

Function: PLC  assist busbar punching, shearing, level bending, vertical bending, twist bending.

Character: 3 unit could work at the same time.  Auto-calculate material length before bending process.

Output force:

Punching unit 600 kn

Shearing unit 600 kn

Bending unit 350 kn

Material Size: 16*260 mm

Product Detail

Main Configuration

Product Description

BM603-S-3 Series are multifunction busbar processing machine designed by our company. This equipment could do punching, shearing and bending all at the same time, and specially designed for large size busbar processing.


The punching unit adopt column frame, bear reasonable force, can effectively ensure long-term use without deformation. Punching die instal hole was processed by numerical control machine which will ensure high precision and long life,  and a lot of process such like round hole, long round hole, square hole, double hole punching or embossing could be completed by changing the die.

The shearing unit also adopt column frame that will provide more power for the knife, the upper and lower knife was installed vertical parallelly, the single shearing mode ensure the kerf smooth with no waste.

The bending unit could process level bending, vertical bending, elbow pipe bending, connecting terminal, Z-shape or twist bending by change the dies.

 This unit is designed to be controlled by PLC parts, these parts cooperate with our control program could ensure you have easy operate experience and high accuracy workpiece, and the whole bending unit placed on a independent platform which ensure all three units could work at the same time.

Control panel, man-machine interface: he software is simple to operate, has a storage function, and is convenient for repeated operations. The machining control adopts the numerical control method, and the machining accuracy is high.

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  • Configuration

    Work Bench Dimension (mm) Machine Weight (kg) Total Power (kw) Working Voltage (V) Number of Hydraulic Unit  (Pic*Mpa) Control Model
    Layer I: 1500*1500Layer II: 840*370 1800 11.37 380 3*31.5 PLC+CNCangel bending

    Main Technical Parameters

      Material Processing Limite (mm) Max Output Force (kN)
    Punching unit Copper / Aluminum ∅32 600
    Shearing unit 16*260 (Single Shearing)  16*260 (Punching Shearing) 600
    Bending unit 16*260 (Vertical Bending)  12*120 (Horizontal Bending) 350
     * All three units could be chosen or modify as customization.